Know Before You go

Escape Entertainment’s games are appropriate for all levels of fitness. No heavy lifting is required. The only muscle you will need to flex over and over is your brain!
Left-brained, right-brained and undecided-brained players will find themselves equally entertained, engaged and challenged by our games.
Nope. We require all of our aspiring escape artists to power off their phones for the entire duration of their game to allow for optimum levels of challenge, overall enjoyment and satisfaction. Besides, you will have your hands more than full with the clues, props, keys and other accessories that you will need to make use of in order to find your way out. 
Photos and videos are our biggest no-nos.  Each mission is top secret and must stay that way in order for the millions of other aspiring escape artists out there to have the chance to fully enjoy our adventures. But don’t fret! There’s a designated area at the end of each game (whether you escape or not!) that will help you commemorate your time with us and instantly blast out that souvenir photo (if you wish) to the social media universe.
No worries. Our master escape artists who are monitoring your game are standing at the ready to assist you with pointed hints through a variety of different media in your game room should you find yourselves stuck in your efforts to win the race to escape.
As much as we would love to accommodate latecomers, the simple truth is that our games run on a very tight schedule. Late arrivals disrupt the games and rob all those who showed up on time of their maximum potential for enjoyment. So we ask that you arrive ten minutes before your game is scheduled to start and take that into consideration when planning your trip to see us.
The only way to ensure that you will only be playing with the people in your group is to book the entire game room for your group. Otherwise, get ready for the possibility of  making some new friends and add to your enjoyment. (Which is fun! Trust us!)
We welcome well-behaved children ages 10 & up who are accompanied by an adult. The supervising adult must also make a reservation to play the game alongside their child. Please call us with any questions.
Escape Entertainment’s live escape game adventures are just that….live! Our uniquely curated rooms are designed to challenge players’ minds, skill sets and imaginations in the most engaging manner possible. Not to mention the teamwork necessary in order to make it out to the other side allows friends, families and co-workers to strengthen their bonds and leadership and communications skills and causes perfect strangers to join forces and forge brand-new alliances.
Escape Entertainment will be installing brand new games every few months or so and will open new locations.  Click Here to join our email list and be kept up-to-date on all of our latest news.
All reservations are final sale. No cancellations, credits, exchanges or exceptions.

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