Live Escape Games Are The Ultimate Corporate Leadership & Team Building Activity

The trend of companies taking their staffers off-site to bond and strengthen the group dynamic shows no signs of slowing down.  More and more HR professionals find themselves in a quandary: bowling trips and similar, team-based, leisure outings have been overdone, budgets often don’t allow for company-wide, weekend getaways featuring sought-after motivational, keynote speakers and sometimes the well-intentioned cookout at the boss’ house creates more awkwardness than it does camaraderie. And then, there are the dreaded, new age retreats that can include uncomfortable “trust fall” types of exercises –  the end result often playing out like a scene from the classic sitcom, The Office. Memorable, yes. But not exactly in the way company leadership intended! So what’s someone seeking a morale boost for their organization to do? Are there any dynamic alternatives to the same-old, same-old do that don’t require big budgets, overnight travel, awkwardness and complex logistics? Escape Entertainment has the solution. Book a live escape adventure in one of our four game rooms for you and your entire team. For the uninitiated, live escape games consist of up to 10 players locked in a themed room. The only way out is to work as a team to unearth all the keys, clues and missing puzzle pieces/solve all the challenges required to discover the means by which players can unlock the door…..all within 60 minutes! Players are monitored via a surveillance system and any time it appears they really need help, they are sent a hint by their adventure guide. What better way to create a new bond or strengthen an existing one than by being “locked up” together for up to an hour, with only each other’s smarts, communications and problem-solving skills and wit to rely on as a means of successfully escaping? The end result is an unforgettable thrill ride that (as we have seen) leaves co-workers  reinvigorated, full of positive energy and with a renewed sense of admiration and respect for their colleagues. Best of all, no heavy lifting is required. With only brain-muscles being flexed, this activity is appropriate for all levels of fitness. And don’t forget the interns! Live escape games are a great way to officially welcome them to your team or thank them for their time and service. But why Escape Entertainment? Because when it came to creating the aesthetic of our  spacious, modern flagship in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, we prided ourselves on creating the ultimate, immersive gaming experience in a setting comfortable for any professional group, regardless of seniority or role in the company. As for our game rooms, in keeping with our standard of quality, when it came to those designs and that of the puzzles themselves, we called on an eclectic group of talent that includes process optimization experts, production professionals, game designers, mathematicians and an elite team of set designers and master craftsmen whose previous works have been featured at the White House, MoMA, Broadway and many movie and television sets, among other high profile locales. In addition to participating in our adventures, specialty breakfast, lunch and light dinner fare catering packages can be arranged for your group so there’s more time to socialize and talk about your bonding experience while enjoying refreshments. So the next time the corporate event calendar flips to that time of year when the quarterly, semi-annual or annual corporate outing must be planned, don’t stress out worrying that you won’t be able to find the perfect activity for everyone involved.  Reach out to Escape Entertainment and allow us to customize what we promise will be an unforgettable company event…for all the right reasons!            

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